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We visualize protection.

Melbourne’s Trusted Technology and Security Resource.

How we see it.

Grey Limbo
Survey from anywhere.
Manage Multiple Locations At Once

HD quality and great lowlight performance make for crystal clear video. Use your smartphone or tablet to view live streaming video while away from your property.

Grey Limbo
Safe Storage

Backup your own in-house NVR or DVR installed by Bolt Techonologies.

Smarter than standalone video, you’ll see every important moment.
Video Door Bell

See who's at the front door and have a two-way conversation with visitors — from anywhere — with our WiFi-enabled doorbell camera.

Video Alerts

Our cameras include video alerts when someone crosses into your property or enters your home utilizing tripwire, intrusion, smart motion detection and more so you can download the clip to your phone.

Text Message Alerts

You can receive alerts by text or email, and customize them by time, day, camera and motion.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics distinguishes people from animals or vehicles and enhances perimeter security and property awareness at your home or business. Get a video alert if someone lingers at your door, a car enters your driveway or your naughty pet jumps on the sofa.


How it works

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1. Connect with us.

Request a quote today and we will contact you within 24hrs. 

2. Choose your service.

Everyone's home technology and security setup are different. During our connection call, we will guide you through what services your home needs. For example, you may already have equipment that will connect to our high-security system or we may need to wire in your smart home. Either way, we will discover what is best for your situation. 

3. We get you connected!

We schedule a time that works with your scheduled and we activate your smart choices.  And that's it! 

Or call us now (405)722-7233

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