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Build a smarter home with you in control

Providing technology & security to Melbourne Homes for over a decade.
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How we build a smart home?

Grey Limbo
Smart Security
Video Surveillance | Motion Sensors | Smart Locks

Our Smart Security Technology provides encrypted security, live answer and  bluetooth disarming. Your system is easy to access through our mobile app with your phone or smartwatch.

Grey Limbo
Smart Control
Smart Lights | Temperature Control | Smart Plugs

Manage your house appliances stress-free. Control your thermostat, smart locks, smart lights by voice control or your smart devices.


"Hey Google, arm my system"

Our system integrates seamlessly with smart technology like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch and more

Custom alerts for
family and friends

Have a housesitter while away on vacation? No problem. Setup personalized entry codes for each member of the family or friend. Also, set up notifications when someone enters or exits. 

Full house

Our systems cover large to small homes with no struggle for connection.

Set the alarm from anywhere

At the touch of a button directly alarm/disarm your property from anywhere, at anytime.


Have private areas of your property? Set up secret alerts to be notified of trespassers without sounding an alarm.

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How it works

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1. Connect with us.

Request a quote today and we will contact you within 24hrs. 

2. Choose your service.

Everyone's home technology and security setup are different. During our connection call, we will guide you through what services your home needs. For example, you may already have equipment that will connect to our high-security system or we may need to wire in your smart home. Either way, we will discover what is best for your situation. 

3. We get you connected!

We schedule a time that works with your scheduled and we activate your smart choices.  And that's it! 

Or call us now (321)421-0350

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"The smartest product
in the market"

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